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Some of my open source achievements


Communiware - For several years I’ve been supporting several web projects based on Communware, patched it when it were necessary, wrote extensions,



Device::GSM 1.44 - Patch for decoding SMS with non-ASCII letters
Device::GSM 1.54 - Fix problem with decoding outgoing messages

Image::Size 3.1 - Fix problem with detecting size of flash6 movie with old version of Compress::Zlib

Template::Toolkit 2.20 - Minor FAQ improvement

DBD::Pg 2.8.2 - Some pod improvement

MediaWiki-API 0.34 - Fix problem with uncode in article names when using GET request
MediaWiki-API 0.35 - Patch allows to use unicode strings out of box


KNetrownManager 0.9 - #291122, #291798
xmlsec - Support for GOST R 34.10-2012 — GOST R 34.11-2012 openssl signature